Hidden Frontier
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Welcome back to the 24th Century!

Hidden Frontier is set after the Dominion War featured in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. When Rob Caves, Executive Producer created Hidden Frontier, he wanted to combine the best elements of the Next Generation era Trek shows he grew up with. On Hidden Frontier, we have a space station, Deep Space Twelve, as well as a starship, the Galaxy Class U.S.S. Excelsior, NCC-77246. This allows us to explore the Star Trek universe in just about any way our writers can imagine.

The series is set against the backdrop of the Briar Patch, a massive unexplored nebula on the fringe of explored space that was introduced in "Star Trek: Insurrection". Because of the composition of the Patch, warp travel there is impossible, so much of it's interior remains unexplored.

We encourage new viewers to "try us out" with our season 6 premiere episode, "Countermeasures". It's an episode that highlights many of our strengths. Then we welcome you to go back to the pilot and start watching from the beginning bearing in mind that it took us time to improve the quality of all aspects of the show to what it is today.

It's important to remember that Hidden Frontier is produced on no budget so instead of building fancy sets, piling on effects, and shooting in exotic locations, we've decided to focus on what we can improve. That means our stories became more character driven as the show evolved. After all, that's what Star Trek is really about. The people, and the human condition. Once the writing improved, we started to tackle areas like costuming and makeup.

Hidden Frontier tries to boldly follow what has come before while exploring new issues Star Trek has not yet tackled. The inclusion of a gay male character in season 2's "Encke" was yet another bold step forward for Star Trek. In the very same season we produced, "Cowards Death", a story that explored the realities of living with clinical depression. And later in season five "Security Counsel" explored a planet where the government was allowed to slowly chip away at its people's freedoms in an errie commentary on our troubled times. We hope you find our stories captivating and original, true to the spirit of Trek, and we hope you have as much fun watching the show as we did making it!

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