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  • Countermeasures Reviews
  • We're still developing this section of the website. For now, the left sidebar displays reviews that we have up for specific episodes.

    "The Web series has ... boldly gone where no official 'Trek' has gone before."

    -- Variety Magazine

    "One of the most boldly-produced, highest-quality fan series available on the internet today. Stunning action and witty humor combine to form an exciting tangle of stories that leaves you wanting more."

    -- Todd Beckman, via e-mail

    "Obviously a lot of thought and a lot of hard work has gone into this show. It has a very Next-Generation feel to it. "

    -- TrekWeb Forum Poster

    "You guys are doing an amazing job bringing us yet another version of Trek for us to enjoy, and I appreciate it."

    -- TrekBBS Review Thread

    "Great fun with good writing and compelling characters. I find myself waiting eagerly for the next episode."

    -- TrekWeb Review Thread

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