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n. The procedure by which a nation becomes a party to an agreement already in force between other nations.

Ambassador Kingsley is asked to act as a mediator for the High Curia in its dealings with representatives from several of the older and more traditional families of Tahn'Los, which are still practicing a form of slavery by keeping men as indentured servants. The situation worsens when the Shreíti-liníVa announce they have planted bombs at the homes of the families, and will destroy each and every one unless they release all their 'servants'... (Released 05/07/12 Running Time - 39:22)

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A Hidden Frontier Production


Starring Barbara Puder as Ambassador Jessica Kingsley

Jennifer Cole as Yiela Norien
Michael Hudson as Avren Osen and Royal Guard
Mike Skur as Second Representative Kree'Ho Te'Maat
Elaine Barrett as Speaker ViíNaar
Jason Munoz as Riilína
Michael Liebmann as Terrorist Superior
David Nagel as Terrorist Commander
Andrew Foster as Narrator

and introducing Tanja Milosevic as Lyta Brennan


Written by Alex Matthews
Directed by Camren T. Burton

Theme by Bodo Hartwig
Star Trek Incidental Music by
Cliff Eidelman, Ron Jones, Dennis McCarthy and Leonard Rosenman

Editor and Audio Engineer: David W. Hill
Technical Consultant: Jonathan Connor

Executive Producers:
Alex Matthews, Camren T. Burton, Rob Caves and David W. Hill

Special thanks go to :

John Whiting for the Poser CG character images
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