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Contact Hidden Frontier
If you'd like to drop us a line, either to discuss the series, submit episode reviews, ask questions, or make comments, you can do so by e-mailing one of the addresses below.

If you would like to contact a cast or crew member specifically, we ask that you head over to our forums and post your questions or feedback there.

General Delivery
We no longer have a general delivery mailbox. Please contact one of the parties below.

Who/What is Hidden Frontier Productions?
For more information about Hidden Frontier productions please visit this page of our wiki : Hidden Frontier Productions.

Production Department Web Department
Rob Caves
Executive Producer
rob [at] hiddenfrontier [dot] com

Rick Pike
Public Relations & Donations
rpike [at] hiddenfrontier [dot] com
Eden Akhavi
IT Director
eden [at] hiddenfrontier [dot] com

Michael Hudson
Content Administrator / Webmaster
mhudson [at] hiddenfrontier [dot] com

David Hill
Encyclopedia Administrator
dhill [at] hiddenfrontier [dot] com

Andrew Foster
Photography & Website Graphics
andrew [at] hiddenfrontier [dot] com

Excelsior Ball
Andrew Foster
Excelsior Ball Comittee Chair
eb [at] hiddenfrontier [dot] com

Please note that when trying to contact us, remember to replace the [at] with an @, and the [dot] with a period (.) to form a fully-qualified e-mail address. We print it in the obfuscated manner to prevent spambots from harvesting e-mail addresses and adding them to spam lists. Thank you.
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