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"One of the most boldly-produced, highest-quality fan series available on the internet today. Stunning action and witty humor combine to form an exciting tangle of stories that leaves you wanting more."

You're about to embark on an epic journey into the world of Trek -- a world you've never experienced before like this.

A story that promises to not only entertain, but to bring tears to your eyes and pride to your heart.

Join us in changing the face of Trek fanfilms.

Equinox Season 1

08/19/2013 - Episode 1 'Shakedown' of audio show Star Trek Equinox is now available for download and via iTunes.

Henglaar, M.D. Season 2

07/28/2013 - Episode 2 'Graduation Part Two' of audio show Henglaar, M.D. is now available for download and via iTunes.

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Diplomatic Relations Episode 3 is now available!

05/07/2012 - Episode 3 'Accession' is now available!

Star Trek Grissom Episode 3 is now available!

01/23/2012 - Episode 3 'The Stars My Destination' is now available!

Odyssey 3.01 'Tossed Upon the Shore' is now available!

09/18/2011 - The Series Finale 'Tossed Upon the Shore' is now available!

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